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Saramonic Adapter Cable SR-C2002 3.5mm TRRS to Lightning iOS Devices


Saramonic SR-C2002 3.5mm TRRS Female to Lightning Jack Adapter Cable

HATI-HATI terhadap barang serupa yang mengaku garansi resmi dengan harga yang lebih murah! Garansi Resmi 2 Tahun Saramonic Denka Pratama

-Connect TRRS microphones and other TRRS audio equipment to the Lightning port

-Adds a fully operational 3.5mm headphone jack that sends headphone audio, microphone audio, and earbud remote control commands

-Provides plug-in power to microphones that require it—which makes it compatible with a large number of microphones

-Features certified MFi components and gold-plated connectors that provide the best possible signal transfer and corrosion resistance

-High-quality durable construction, compact 6cm length, weighs only 0.25oz (7g)

The Saramonic SR-C2002 is a short adapter cable with an Lightning connector on one end and an 1/8“ (3.5mm) TRRS female jack on the other. It lets you easily connect TRRS microphones, wireless receivers, mixers and other audio gear directly to the Lightning port. Plug-in power is provided, which makes it compatible with a large number of microphones.

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